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Thanks for checking out this American Car Cruising Flash Briefing. We look forward to providing the latest insights and news for popular American cars. We will be covering the Corvette, Camaro, Mustang, Challenger, Charger, and the GTO to name a few.

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Dec 13, 2018

Have you ever driven or ridden in a convertible with its top down when it was freezing cold outside? Well, on the newer Camaros the car's computer will prevent the top from being opened by the driver if the temperature outside is 38 degrees (F) or lower. The computer will alert the driver and lock the top to prevent it from being opened.

The article on is a good read, and includes the author's take on this added control by the cars we drive! 


American Car Cruising presents daily Flash Briefings as part of our effort to broaden our focus with this series on popular American made cars. These Flash Briefings will present insights and highlights on some of the latest makes and models from the major automotive manufacturers here in the U.S.