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Dec 7, 2018

Chevrolet's production of the first Corvette, the 1953 model, began in the GM Flint Michigan plant with a select crew of 17 employees from the St. Louis Chevrolet plant.

With the work area cramped and the need for more room and production flexibility, production at the Flint Michigan plant was stopped December 24th, 1953 and began production in the St. Louis Chevrolet plant on December 28, 1953. Those initial employees who worked on the production of the 1953 Corvette were the only ones who could produce about 3 Corvettes a day at the plant.

The book by Mike Dixon definitely provides us with a unique in-depth view of what it was like in the early days of the Corvette production, and the impact it had on all who worked to make the Corvette a true "dream" car for generations.

"The Factory Dreams, St. Louis Corvette Plan" is listed for sale at