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Dec 10, 2018

As described in the book listing, “This book not only describes the infancy of the Corvette in St. Louis, and how the car was built, it is, in fact, a window into the life of the average automobile worker in the '60s. This is the only book ever written by someone who worked in the belly of the beast.”

Mike Dixon has pulled together a fascinating read on the 18 years of his life spent at the St. Louis Corvette plant. Along the way as you read Mike’s book, you’ll find many opportunities to compare your own experiences that might be similar to his, and to have a few laughs along the way as Mike liked to include some humor to break up the monotony and boredom of working on the Corvette production line (and reading his book, which by the way was never a boring read).

You’ll hear of troubled times, dangerous situations, questionable work ethics by many, and what it took to be an automobile worker during the ’60s through the ’80s. As Mike explained, “The assembly line work is extremely mind-numbing to the point of mental exhaustion and we always were looking for an adventure to break up the monotony of our work.”


“The Factory of Dreams” - Mike Dixon’s glimpse inside the life and times of the folks who worked at the St. Louis Corvette plant, the UAW, and General Motors.